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Fight The Fear: How To Overcome Fear When Climbing

Every climber gets scared, but learning how to control your fear is one of the most satisfying and valuable parts of the sport. Learn how to overcome fear of heights and fear of falling through focused training.

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What Goes Into Route Setting?

This post is all about route setting: where do route setters get their inspiration for creating varied and challenging routes on a regular basis, what makes a good route, and what goes into the job?

Whether you’re a curious climber or considering getting into route setting professionally, this is everything you need to know!

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Footwork Drills To Improve Your Bouldering

Footwork is far more complex than just placing your feet on holds and using your legs more than your arms: it is the essential skill of climbing and an art in itself. This post introduces you to foot positions in climbing and four basic footwork drills to improve your bouldering.

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How To Use The Gym To Improve Your Climbing

Many climbers don’t go to the gym, but there’s a good reason to start: focused training in the gym can benefit your climbing. In this post, climbers new to the gym will find recommended exercises and tips for strengthening the muscle groups used in climbing.

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